Journal of Toxicologic Pathology

Journal of Toxicologic Pathology Journal of Toxicologic Pathology Journal of Toxicologic Pathology

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Journal of Toxicologic Pathologyについて


The Journal of Toxicologic Pathology (JTP) is an official periodical journal of the Japanese Society of Toxicologic Pathology (JSTP), published 1 volume each year being composed of 4 numbers. This is an international journal published in English and welcoming papers from all over the world. After the publication, the copyright of papers and any other materials published in JTP belong to JSTP and are protected as appropriate. It should be emphasized that papers published in JTP are open-access articles distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives (by-nc-nd) License <>.


JTP is a scientific journal that publishes original studies in the field of toxicological pathology and in a wide variety of other related fields. The main scope of the journal is listed below.

  • Administrative Opinions of Policymakers and Regulatory Agencies
  • Adverse Events
  • Carcinogenesis
  • Chemoprevention
  • Data of A Predominantly Negative Nature
  • Drug-Induced Hematologic Toxicity
  • Embryological Pathology
  • High Throughput Pathology
  • Historical Data of Experimental Animals
  • Immunohistochemical Analysis
  • Molecular Pathology
  • Nomenclature of Lesions
  • Non-mammal Toxicity Study
  • Result or Lesion Induced by Chemicals of Which Names Hidden on Account of the Authors
  • Technology and Methodology Related to Toxicological Pathology
  • Tumor Pathology; Neoplasia and Hyperplasia
  • Ultrastructural Analysis
  • Use of Animal Models

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Thomson Reuters社のJournal Citation Reports (JCR)における,Impact Factor は以下のとおりです。
Impact Factor 2-Year: 1.20
Impact Factor 5-Year: 1.40

JTPの発展のため,会員各位におかれましては,継続的に論文をご投稿していただくと同時に,各種投稿論文(特に,JTP以外でJCRに収録されている雑誌に掲載のもの)に JTP掲載論文を多く引用してくださるよう,ご協力をお願い申し上げます。

編集委員会 委員長
古川 賢


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