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New Toxicologic Histopathology (Published in 2017) written in Japanese

A4 size, Full color, 824 pages,【Price】 ¥28,000+Tax

  • New Toxicologic Histopathology
  • A comprehensive research book on toxicologic histopathology compiled over the long term by the Japanese Society of Toxicological Pathology.

    Various toxicity changes and neoplastic lesions seen in experimental animals, organizational details, detailed explanation
    (Including 1250 color photos)

    A completely revised edition of "Histopathology of Toxicologic Pathology" published and published in 2000.

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Histopathology of Toxicologic Pathology

Histopathology of Toxicologic Pathology

Hard to get due to out-of-print, the PDF version (64MB) of "Histopathology of Toxicologic Pathology" has been uploaded. Please note that the PDF file is only available to JSTP members.The renewal book of "Histopathology of Toxicologic Pathology" has been completely revised and is available for sale.Japanese Only

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