Committees of the JSTP

General Affairs Committee

Chair: Yuji OISHI (Vice President)
Members: Kosei INUI (Director) , Hijiri IWATA (Director) , Kumiko OGAWA (Vice President, Financial Executive) , Shim-mo HAYASHI (Director) , Satoshi FURUKAWA (Director) , Satoru HOSOKAWA (Director)
Observer: Katsumi IMAIDA (Inspector)
  • Coordination with the new JSTP office or publishing agent
  • Response to the externally associations and organizations
  • Financial management, submission of budget plan and financial report
  • Formulation and report of activity plan
  • Construction, improvement and elimination of the bylaw or agreements
  • Other coordination

Membership Committee

Chair: Hijiri IWATA (Director)
Vice Chair: Munehiro TERANISHI
Members: Osamu KATSUTA, Kazumoto SHIBUYA
  • The "membership Committee" is set up under the Board of Directors as a standing organization to take in charge subjects concerning membership. The role of the committee is to examine matters concerning membership in general and to present them to the Board of Directors. The committee also examines the membership qualification for new applicants and councilors and reports the results to the Board of Directors.

International Committee

Chair: Shim-mo HAYASHI (Director)
Members: Yuji OISHI (Vice President) , Yoshiro TANI, Shunji NAKATSUJI, Takanori HARADA (IFSTP President) , Katsuhiko YOSHIZAWA, Hideki WANIBUCHI
  • The International Committee has been established in 2010 to deal with the international activities of JSTP. These activities entail communicating and collaboration with IFSTP, IATP, IFSTP-RIC, INHAND-GESC, STP Peer Review Working Group, and US and European Societies of Toxicologic Pathology.

Board Certification Committee

Chair: Satoru HOSOKAWA (Director)
Members, Observers: Not disclosed
  • The committee manages certifying examination of JSTP, and reexamines the qualification update.
  • Please see Diplomate of JSTP for details of the certifying examination.
  • The committee explains the previous year's certifying examination questions on the day before of the annual meeting of the JSTP (free).

Education Committee

Chair: Hideki WANIBUCHI
Vice Chair: Hitoshi KANDORI (Executive of Slide Conferences)
Members: Toshio IMAI, Hijiri IWATA (Director) , Wei MIN, Yuji OISHI (Vice President) , Kumiko OGAWA (Vice President, Financial Executive) , Kiyokazu OZAKI, Mitsuru KUWAMURA, Kinji KOBAYASHI, Makoto SHIBUTANI, Satoru TAKAHASHI (Director) , Tetsuya TSUKAMOTO, Masahiro TSUTSUMI, Kaoru TOYOSAWA (Director) , Shunji NAKATSUJI, Toshihisa FUJIWARA, Yuko YAMAGUCHI, Katsuhiko YOSHIZAWA, Yumi WAKO
  • The role of this committee is to plan and manage of educational seminars and slide conferences.

Publication Committee

Chair: Masami SUZUKI
Adviser: Dai NAKAE (President)
Members: Kosei INUI (Director) ,Hijiri IWATA (Director) , Kumiko OGAWA (Vice President, Financial Executive) , Kiyokazu OZAKI, Mitsuru KUWAMURA, Hiroshi SATOH, Makoto SHIBUTANI, Satoru TAKAHASHI (Director) , Satoshi FURUKAWA (Director) , Katsuhiko YOSHIZAWA

Communication Committee

Chair: Kaoru TOYOSAWA (Director)
Vice Chair: Hiroshi ONODERA
Members: Mari IIDA, Kosei INUI (Director) , Yuji OISHI (Vice President) , Kochi KAKIMOTO, Masahiko KUSHIDA, Akihito SHIMOI, Satoshi SUZUKI
  • The role of this committee is to provide useful information to all JSTP members through the JSTP Home Page and JSTP News. The new version of Home Page, including "Members Only" pages and other new functions, is now preparing by this Committee.

Revision Committee of The Textbook edited JSTP

Chair: Yuji OISHI (Vice President)
Vice Chair: Dai NAKAE (President)
Members: Kosei INUI (Director) , Hijiri IWATA (Director) , Makoto UEDA, Masami SUZUKI, Takuji TANAKA, Munehiro TERANISHI, Shim-mo HAYASHI(Director) , Satoshi FURUKAWA(Director) , Kaori MIYATA, Katsuhiko YOSHIZAWA
Observer: Masae TATEMATSU
  • The new textbook of "Toxicologic Histopathology" edited by JSTP will be newly revised by this committee. All figures of the new textbook will be colored and the volume will be increased 150% than the current edition.

International Terminology Committee

Chair: Hijiri IWATA (Director)
Vice Chair: Yuji OISHI (Vice President)
INHAND Members: Katsuhiko YOSHIZAWA
Members: Haruko KOIZUMI, Junko SATO, Shunji NAKATSUJI, Seiki YAMAKAWA
  • In 2006, the International Harmonization of Nomenclature and Diagnostic Criteria (INHAND) project was initiated. As of March 2017, approximately 80% of the terminology for rodent organs and their clarification from INHAND has been released. Recently, the FDA recommended the use of the Standardization for Exchange of Nonclinical Data (SEND) system for future drug applications/submissions. Currently, INHAND's terminology is preferred by FDA as the standard pathological terminology of SEND. Unfortunately, various organs may use slightly different terms since independent working groups were responsible for each organ and terminology still needs to be reconciled. Thus, we propose to establish the international standardization of pathological terminology for toxicity studies. Furthermore, setting a global standardization of terms for macroscopic findings is necessary. In 2017, JSTP initiated a committee for standardization of pathological terminology and improving awareness of INHAND terminology.