Regulation on Board Certification System
Japanese Society of Toxicologic Pathology

Established on December 8, 1993
Revised on January 28, 1995
Revised on January 24, 2003
Revised on January 26, 2006
Revised on February 6, 2008
Revised on February 4, 2010

  1. Purpose: Under circumstances where there is increasing importance in assuring the quality of pathologic evaluation in studies conducted in accordance with Good Laboratory Practices for toxicity studies with chemical substances, etc., the Japanese Society of Toxicologic Pathology (JSTP) has established a Board Certification System of Diplomate of JSTP (DJSTP) to certify high qualified toxicologic pathologists, and to improve quality assurance with pathology review of toxicity studies conducted in Japan, and to contribute to the progress of toxicologic pathology.
  2. Board Certification Committee:
    • (1) JSTP establishes a Board Certification Committee (BCC) to manage the board certification system.
    • (2) The President of the JSTP Board of Directors assigns the Chairperson of the BCC among the board members, and obtains the approval of the Board.
    • (3) The Chairperson of the BCC nominates the BCC members from other Board of Directors or the Councilors, and obtains the approved of the Board.
    • (4) The BCC holds the Certification Examination to certify DJSTP, as well as to review and approve renewal of certification of DJSTP.
    • (5) The term of the Chairperson and the BCC members is 3 years, and one third of the members are reelected each year. The members, however, can be reappointed at the time of reelection.
  3. Certification Examination
    • (1) Candidates of the DJSTP must meet the eligibility requirements for admission for the Certification Examination, and pass the examination.
    • (2) The BCC reviews the eligibility requirements, evaluates the Certification Examination, and determines pass/failure of the examinees, the results of which are reported and approved by the Board of Directors.
    • (3) The criteria of eligibility requirements are as follows:
      • a) Full JSTP member at the time of application with more than 5-year history (continuously or in total) of membership;
      • b) A total score of 80 points or more of scientific activities on the attached score table (click here to download the score table);
      • c) Record of participation in JSTP activities, seminars, and publications; and
      • d) At least one publication in the Journal of Toxicologic Pathology (co-authorship is acceptable).
    • (4) The Certification Examination is composed of a written examination, test of practical skills in macroscopic and microscopic diagnoses, and other evaluations as required.
    • (5) The examination fee is JPY 30,000.-, which may be revised depending on the changes in the situations.
    • (6) The eligibility for admission to the Certification Examination is valid for three years including the year when the eligibility is confirmed, and resubmission of the score table and the attachments to the application form, is exempted for two years.
  4. Accreditation:
    • (1) Successful candidates shall pay the accreditation fee to be certified as DJSTPs. The accreditation fee is JPY 20,000.-, which may be revised depending on the changes in the situations.
    • (2) The term of certification is for five years from the issuance of the certificate. Recertification is reviewed and approved by the BCC according to the rules and requirements specified separately.
    • (3) JSTP may revoke the certification of a DJSTP, if situations occur where the DJSTP does not meet the DJSTP qualifications.
  5. Miscellaneous
    • (1) Revisions of this Board Certification System are to be discussed and approved by the JSTP Councilors.
    • (2) Provided that section c) of (3) Eligibility requirement is to be applicable to the candidate from the Fiscal Year 2009.
    • (3) Provided that section a) of (3) Eligibility requirement is to be applicable to the candidate from the Fiscal Year 2010.

Rules and Requirements for Recertification of Board Certification Toxicologic Pathologist, Japanese Society of Toxicologic Pathology

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